The One Where I Advice My Grandson

Being a parent is often rife with fear and self-doubt.

Growing up you always thought your parents had all the answers. Like they were given a book of life that told them what was the best course of action for any situation.

As you grow and become a parent yourself you realize that you are often winging it.

Situations that didn’t exist when you were a kid. Online bullying, and having your reputation ruined on social media was something that you didn’t have to deal with as a teenager in the seventies.

As a grandparent, I rue the day that I have to advise my grandson Parker with the slings and arrows that will come to bear ten to fifteen years from now.

All I know is that I will tell him to be true to himself, be fair and be proud to shun peer pressure no matter the cost. As Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”


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Rex Hunter

A work in progress. Heading toward creativity, innovation and just being a good human being.