The One Where I Control The Variable

I use to feel trapped in my business. I didn’t realize that things can change and that it’s all up to me.

Retail real estate can be very rewarding. Helping family find their dream home, helping folks move closer to their family. For much of my real estate career, I took pride in my business practices. Available at all hours. Letting time with my family take a second seat while I went out to show houses. I showed a house on Easter Sunday.

I was told that is what a good agent does. Sacrifice their life to benefit others. Put in the work and you gain the reward. I did gain the reward. Accolades from my real estate company. Trophies and plaques, you name it I won it.

What I discovered was that there were too many variables. I became a real estate agent and a priest and a social worker. Holding the hand of buyers and sellers as they ran through their emotions of a real estate transaction. Not to mention, the other real estate agents that are fighting to earn a living. It became too much.

I have decided that the one variable I can control is me. And I have.

Working with investors is a numbers game. It is about return on investment or cash on cash. Yet, I still have the satisfaction of helping people that are in a bad situation with their property. Folks that have not been able to keep up with the maintenance on their house, those that have inherited a property that they don’t want and don’t have the wherewithal to fix and sell on the market at a fair price. People that are about to lose their house to code enforcement or due to past due property taxes.

There are too many sad situations to list but, I know that I can make it all go away. I am the variable that I can control and I have decided that one variable it enough.


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Rex Hunter

A work in progress. Heading toward creativity, innovation and just being a good human being.