The One Where I Fight Like Ripley

It’s my senior year of high school yes, the class of seventy-nine, and Kathie and I can often be found on Saturday night at the local drive-i movie.

Sometimes we would watch the movie but most of the time we had other activities planned. This movie, however, had my attention. The original Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver as Ripley. The no-nonsense third officer of the doomed space cargo ship Nostromo.

The scene that got my attention was when the baby alien tore out of one of the crew member’s abdomen. I had never seen anything like that in a movie.

It ends up that the Alien is really a parasite and Ripley is the person that won’t back down from the creature.

I can relate to Ripley. The parasite that tries to invade my space is laziness in terms of exercise and mental toughness. It is really easy to allow the parasite of procrastination to take over my business. It is a daily battle.

Like Ripley, I won’t give up. I fight this parasite of quitting as my life depends on it. Because it does.


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Rex Hunter

A work in progress. Heading toward creativity, innovation and just being a good human being.