The One Where I Go To Lowe’s

Rex Hunter
2 min readNov 26, 2022

Not all the time do things go as planned. This is painfully apparent when I attempt home repairs.

My running motto is “If I don’t make three trips to Lowe’s, it not a real home repair.”

In preparing for Thanksgiving, I decided I would pressure wash the pool deck. Seems simple enough. I’ve done it before. I own a pressure washer and a water hose. No problem. Problem.

I get all the necessary supplies together pressure washer, hose, gas some Simple Green and I’m ready to get this project done in about an hour.

As I start the pressure washer, it gives out a pathetic-sounding chug, no wanting to start. No problem. It has been a few months since I used it last so I figure it will take a few pulls to get it going.

One pull, two pulls, three then four. On the fifth pull, the start rope comes off in my hands. The rope had rotted through. No problem.

I go to Lowe’s where I bought the machine years ago and I’ll get the part. Problem. They no longer sell that model or support that manufacturer.

Thankfully I found the part on Amazon for fifteen dollars and although it will be two days later, I’ll be able to restart the project. I’m glad I started the week before Thanksgiving and not the day before.

The part comes in and the part fits. The machine turns over and I’m on my way to getting the deck clean. As I’m making my way around the deck the water pressure falls to nothing. As I look around I see the hose has somehow come disconnected. No Problem.

Upon closer inspection, I discover that the female connector to the hose has actually disconnected from the hose itself. Problem.

Another trip to Lowe’s and thankfully, I’m able to find the part for five dollars instead of needing to purchase a thirty-dollar hose.

Old Rex would have thrown a fit when the pressure washer broke, instead, I was grateful that I could order a fifteen-dollar part and a five-dollar part for the hose. The cost of a new pressure washer and a hose would cost around four-hundred and fifty dollars.

I’m finding that when I approach life and business with a grateful heart the end results seem to work out for the best most of the time. I know there is a lot less stress on my part.



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