The One Where I Share The Secret Sauce

Rex Hunter
1 min readNov 23, 2022

“Kentucky Fried Chicken with its secret herbs and spices.” That used to be the ad back when I was a kid.

Our local newspaper has a section where a chef tries to figure out how a local restaurant or chain makes its specialty. Have you ever wondered why the originator tries to keep such secrets?

It’s not that they have some unique spice that comes from another planet or that they have a special oven that they invented to make their creation.

No, I believe that the chef lives in a state of fear. Fearful that the public will figure out that what they have created is good but duplicatable. But is it?

I share my processes with anyone that asks. I will lift the curtain and show those who are interested enough to ask how I find off-market properties. I’ll even license the software created by me and my partners that has produced on average a 20% return on investment. Why?

Because in our community of StoryAthelete Partners we believe in an open-source community. We have two calls five days a week where we exchange ideas, get advice, and, support each other in our endeavors to become the top 1% in terms of income and time freedom.

When you position yourself as a resource, you operate from a position of strength, not fear.



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