The One Where I Would Believe Anything

“Is not!” “Is too!” my friend and I yell at each other in the backyard. It’s nineteen-sixty-something, about six years old at the time, and we must have been pretty load as my Mom came out to the back porch.

“What are you two carrying on about?” she asks in an exasperated voice. “Tommy says there is no such thing as Santa Claus and I say there is.” “Who is telling the truth, Mom?”

“I’ll let you two figure that one out.” my Mom says quickly going back into the house.

It is an age-old issue at a certain time in a child’s life about what to believe and what is the truth. Do you shatter your belief system and stay blissfully ignorant or do you stick to your guns and act as if there is no information that changes your mind?

Adults suffer the same conundrum. For many years I battled with the belief that I was “not enough”. Not smart enough, lacked funds, and was a fake in my business and relationships.

It is a miserable existence. Always feeling defeated before you get started. Saying to yourself “Why bother? it won’t work out anyway.” No matter what “it” is.

Once you get out of your own way and see others having success following a system that has been tested and proven for over a year and a half it is only your own false beliefs that can hold you back.

I’m taking charge and trusting that I do have the resources and the support system to make it as a real estate investor.

Here is a link if you want to see how it all works:


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Rex Hunter

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