The One Where I’ll Rest When I Die

“Why don’t you and Mom take a break?” I ask my Dad. It’s nineteen ninety-something and Dad and I had been going all out for fourteen years straight to get our family business going. Neither Dad nor Mom had taken more than a few days off during that duration and both were in their seventies.

“I’ll have eternity to take a break, son. I’ll rest when I die,” he told me earnestly.

My parent were “depression era” kids. You worked or you didn’t eat. You saved and kept the money tucked in the mattress because no one trusted the banks.

A completely different generation from today.

Now, most are looking for that winning lottery ticket, that slip and fall so the TV attorney can “get you one million dollars”. When asked to work more than eight hours a day for five days a week and go to the office, there is civil unrest and lots of tears.

As a StoryAthlete, I know the developing GRIT never ends. I know pushing myself beyond my current limits, never ends. I know stepping outside my comfort zone, deliberately, as a means to force growth, never ends. I know stopping and starting or jumping from one distraction; a new course, system, philosophy, etc., to the next, is the fastest way to derail the 1% journey. For this reason, GRIT is the foundation I continue to build. Everything else gets built on this foundation.

And as Dad said, “I’ll rest when I die.”


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Rex Hunter

A work in progress. Heading toward creativity, innovation and just being a good human being.