The One Where The 7–11 Physique Won’t Do

Rex Hunter
1 min readDec 9, 2022

Money is made every day in the corner convenience store.

I’m guilty of buying a gallon of milk at an inflated price in a convenience store because, well, it’s convenient.

Quick parking near the store’s door a short trip to the refrigerated display case and I’m out in less than five minutes.

The alternative is to go to the regular grocery store, schlep back to the dairy section in the back of the store and then hope you don’t get behind someone that is doing their every other-week shopping and has a fist full of coupons in the attempt to buy $300 of groceries for under $50. Time spent? Anywhere between ten minutes and forty-five minutes.

But I’ve got the milk for nearly a third of what I would pay at the convenience store.

There are times when being inconvenienced is the better choice.

“When” you may ask.

I’ve found that the journey to self-improvement is very inconvenient. The working out, the eating healthy, and reading books. It all takes time and the results are not instantaneous.

I’ve seen a video clip with Simon Sinek where he notes that going to the gym and working out does not bring about an instant change in physique. When you consistently work out over time, before you know it, you and others around you will see the change.

It is persistence despite the inconvenience is where the magic is found.



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